About Us

Bloc Extension Publishing is an independent English language trade book publisher and bookseller founded and established by Publisher, Byron “B-Bo” Dorsey, in 2009.  Bloc Extension is a web-based and mail-order business that focus specifically on publishing niche genres such as, Urban Crime Fiction; Street Literature; Urban Women’s Contemporary Fiction; and traditional genres along the lines of Erotica; Thrillers; Mysteries; Romance; General Fiction; and Selective non­-fiction in the areas of Memoirs and Narrative non-fiction.  Our publishing house equips its authors with the necessary tools and channels to thrive in their craft; and professionally service and market their creative works that’ll ensure maximum exposure and desired success.  Our company is driven to maintain the best support and find the perfect fit for each author.

Our flourishing brand is ever eager for fresh ideas and new work.  In fact, that is inherent in our goal.  Bloc Extension seeks to represent the as-yet-unknown authors, promote their dreams, and further inspire their literature.  We pride ourselves as a burgeoning platform for new authors and books.  A big part of our mission is to make a difference through active participation in literature, creating and encouraging self-motivation and achievement even in the most socially disadvantaged areas.

Bloc Extension not only seeks to enthuse budding writers and inspire invested readers, but to touch the minds of today’s world.

We are Bloc Extension: Your Urban Literary Haven.