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Bloc Extension Launches a New Book Publishing and Bookselling Website

Bloc Extension announces today the official launch of its sleek new publishing company and website designed by Starvin’ Artist Graphic Design.  The site showcases its current urban fiction titles, Concrete Jungle and A Gain For A Loss by author, Darrell Bracey, Jr.  The website functions as a visitor friendly site made to offer publishing services and to make book purchases in a simplified manner.  Also, it acts as an urban hub for authors of the genre with an inviting stance on other genres.

“Our ambition is to produce work that our clients are marveled by. In these guidelines we hunger to give each job its own unique identity. Working with Bloc Extension has given us opportunity to provide the highest quality custom website design. This website has the balance of “clean” and “edgy,” said Anthony Waldren, Owner of Starvin’ Artist Graphic Design.

Byron “B-Bo” Dorsey is the co-founder and co-owner of Bloc Extension Entertainment, and soon-to-be author when he releases his debut urban crime novel, Eyes of Betrayal: Divided Loyalties.  His publishing platform’s focus is to provide the readers with thought-provoking, quality urban literature with crossover appeal that reflects the truth of today’s society.

“Establishing Bloc Extension Entertainment was no easy feat, but my committed efforts proved to be enough to rally supporters to share in my vision,” said Byron R. Dorsey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bloc Extension Entertainment.

Bloc Extension seek to set the bar high in efforts of dispelling the stigma attached to urban literature and offer professional edited and packaged urban reads that entertain and inspire. Bloc Extension handpicks the authors they publish and represent with the exceptional ability to deliver on a mass market level.  Bloc Extension intends on creating a constant family-oriented setting amongst its colleagues and affiliated partners.

“The overall professionalism and genuine vibe that Bloc Extension exudes has made the business relationship between our companies a comfortable experience,” said Dwayne, Co-founder of the book & magazine retailer, Special Needs X-Press.

About Bloc Extension

Bloc Extension Publishing is a destination point for urban writers who’s open to fresh and new ideas.  It’s a platform where new authors and books can be showcased, and explore unique, empowering publishing opportunities without industry hassle.  Moreover, the flourishing entity doubles as an online urban bookstore with quality book placements.  The term, “Bloc” in meaning, focused in the name of the budding publishing brand, is a group representation of people coming together for a common interest, which is inherent in their goals.  For more information, please visit us at

About Bout Dat Lyfe Publications

Bout Dat Lyfe Publications is in a co-publishing agreement that transitioned into a healthy partnership and the release of two of the current titles, Concrete Jungle and A Gain For A Loss by Darrell Bracey Jr., author and owner of Bout Dat Lyfe Publications.

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About Bloc Extension Publishing

Bloc Extension Publishing is an independent English language trade book publisher and bookseller founded and established by Publisher, Byron “B-Bo” Dorsey, in 2009. Bloc Extension is a web-based and mail-order business that focus specifically on publishing niche genres such as, Urban Crime Fiction; Street Literature; Urban Women’s Contemporary Fiction; and traditional genres along the lines of Erotica; Thrillers; Mysteries; Romance; General Fiction; and Selective non­-fiction in the areas of Memoirs and Narrative non-fiction.

Our publishing house equips its authors with the necessary tools and channels to thrive in their craft; and professionally service and market their creative works that’ll ensure maximum exposure and desired success. Our company is driven to maintain the best support and find the perfect fit for each author.

Our flourishing brand is ever eager for fresh ideas and new work. In fact, that is inherent in our goal. Bloc Extension seeks to represent the as-yet-unknown authors, promote their dreams, and further inspire their literature. We pride ourselves as a burgeoning platform for new authors and books. A big part of our mission is to make a difference through active participation in literature, creating and encouraging self-motivation and achievement even in the most socially disadvantaged areas.

Bloc Extension not only seeks to enthuse budding writers and inspire invested readers, but to touch the minds of today’s world.

We are Bloc Extension: Your Urban Fiction Literary Haven.