A Gain For A Loss


Author:  Darrell Bracey, Jr.
ISBN-13-digit:  978-0-9823880-2-0
Pub. date:  July 2018
Format:  Trade Paperback
Trim size:  6″ x 9″
Page count:  329 pgs.
Publishers:  Bloc Extension Publishing & Bout Dat Lyfe Publications                      Genre:  Urban Fiction
Also available at:  BN.com (Barnes & Noble), Amazon.com.
Price:  $14.99



“Author Darrell Bracey, Jr. is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the urban fiction arena. With his page-turning debut novel, Concrete Jungle, acquiring the supportive reviews that it has, our team at Special Needs X-Press expected nothing other than a well-crafted second effort.  His sophomore title, A Gain For A Loss effectively delivers, and is a bonafide trailblazer that’s packed with plenty of action and spell-bounding suspense that will engage the readers from beginning to end.”

Co-founder of Special Needs X-Press


“True to form, Darrell Bracey, Jr. pushes the envelope in repeat fashion with a first-rate follow-up to his coming out. He’s a natural at building compelling, relatable characters, and plausible plots, which anchors
this must-read with captivating appeal.”

Angel Williams
Author of Raven’s Cravings & Love On Lockdown



It has been said that money is the root of all evil, which is the driving force behind this gravitating story line filled with volatile action, twisted lies, and betrayal.

Michael “Mike-Mike” Gardner, by choice and circumstance, is somehow entangled in this web of cultural chaos all in the name of survival.  Navigating the streets of Washington, D.C., his travels lead him from the tragic hit-and-run death of his little sister, to whom he vows to avenge, to entertaining a car-theft operation that ultimately transitions into a more lucrative opportunity in the drug arena.  In the wake of it all, a shocking revelation is sure to turn Mike-Mike and his family’s world upside down.

Zomil’s criminal ambitions poses a compromising flaw.  Greed.  He wittingly uses an unfortunate event to turn the tables in his favor, secretly webbing two contrasting lifestyles with intentional focus on balancing the scale.  But his chess-like play comes with a hefty price that attracts the threat of imminent death, and ends up being more trouble than it’s worth.  Will he survive the pressures of the game or will his efforts come full circle to his own detriment?

Meanwhile, you have Malice, who’s in over his head and finds himself babysitting a complicated matter that transcends resolve. He’s bounded by a dark secret that’s tied to an issue of betrayal, which screams murder and sets off scores of mind-blowing occurrences.  Will his killer instinct sustain him or will the nature of his skeletons bring him to ruin?

This compelling composite of plots and subplots is perfectly blended with masterful wit and nail-biting suspense, which makes for a superb pastime.